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  • You have a vision to live the life of your dreams, or start out in your own business
  • Or maybe you are an organisation who wants to help your people find more balance in life and work
  • Perhaps you are a not-for-profit or business wanting to create or revisit their vision
  • Maybe you need some training solutions that aren't 'off the shelf'?
  • Or you might be looking for a facilitator or speaker for your next conference or event?
Mindworks can help you achieve your goals in all these areas.

Mindworks is a values-based company which designs, develops and delivers inspirational and empowering training programs, products and consulting services.

We are committed to programs that contribute value to our community and which empower our clients to make powerful choices about work, life and business.
Mindworks services are enthusiastically delivered with passion, pragmatism and positivity.

Based in Melbourne , Mindworks practical and user-friendly programs and products are appreciated nationally by our varied business, corporate, government, community sector and adult public clients.
Our powerful programs will expand and stimulate your thinking and explore possibilities.

Mindworks corporate and public training programs

Mindworks corporate and public training programs can be run in-house or through a scheduled public calendar. We can also tailor training solutions to client specifications.

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Topics cover areas as broad as:

  • Achieving work life balance
  • Exploring Sea Change - living with passion and purpose
  • Creating a compelling vision (and plan to get there)
  • Getting the best out of your group - group facilitation skills
  • Be your own boss - Starting out in small business
  • Planning for success - writing a business plan
  • Facilitation services for your specific requirements
  • Tailored and special project training projects solutions

The 17 years experience and thousands of proven outcomes we bring to our projects gives you a confidence you can rely on.

If you are an organization who cares about its people or someone who wants more out of life, contact us now to find out how we can help you.

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Mindworks Products

Mindworks publishes and provides several products which not only support our training programs, but are on their own, highly valued resources.
Our products fall into two categories:

  • Personal success
  • Business success

Mindworks products are used by people from all walks of life, by organisations as training assessment/resources or for gift-giving, incentives or fund-raising and by professional advisers to assist their clients. 

Mindworks products are almost exclusively available through Mindworks.  They can be purchased by individuals, organisations or retailers for whom large-order prices are available.

LIFE - personal life planning journal
Life personal life planning journal

The exquisite hardcover, silver-gilded, 'Life - personal planning journal encourages you to capture your aspirations and goals in eight areas of life.
Whether you are looking at a life change or to be the best you can be, the Life - personal planning journal will guide you to clarify your aspirations and set clear goals to achieve your vision.
The 'Life - personal planning journal will become a treasured keepsake of your life's journey - a precious gift for yourself or someone you love.
And if you're an organisation looking for that unusual, special-occasion gift to reward your people or clients, the 'Life - personal planning journal' is just the answer.

LIFE - cards to inspire daily life
Life inspirational cards

Sometimes, through the busyness of daily life, we could use a little inspiration. The Life - inspirational cards give you the opportunity to select a card-for-the-day which will give you a simple and perfect message to focus on for that day.

Housed simply in a contemporary silver tin cannister, the Life - inspirational cards are modern, durable, generic and timeless.  As part of Mindworks 'empowerment' philosophy, we use a local sheltered workshop to collate and pack these cards.
Life - inspirational cards are a terrific any-time gift for yourself or others and for corporates, they're excellent as sales incentives and rewards or for showing how much you care about your people or clients.

Vision - motivational card
Vision motivational cards

Sometimes life gets in the way of staying focused on achieving goals. The Vision Motivational card is a full-colour, A5 double-sided card with graphics that reminds you of your life's aspirations. It helps to hold your attention on what matters in all areas of life and therefore brings more purpose and clarity to daily activity.
The  Vision Motivational card is excellent as a tangible reminder of goals and aspirations and is perfect for teams or individuals as a motivational incentive for home or work.

LIFE - Personal Success Pack
Life Personal Success Pack

Imagine a place to capture your aspirations and goals AND an easy, fun way to stay focused in a busy world PLUS a visual reminder of what you are striving for all together.

That's what you get when you order the Life - personal success pack. You'll receive the stunning Life - personal planning journal AND the Life - inspirational cards and we give you free the Vision Motivational card - a total package to accelerate your life success.

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Planning for Small Business Success
Planning for Small Business Success

One of Australia's best selling and most readable and sought-after books on small business management, Planning for Small Business Success is a MUST for your business success. Real-life case studies, practical activities and check-lists bring business alive in this engaging and powerful text.
This book is used as a core text in many of Australia's leading educational institutions. Thousands of people can't be wrong!
So... if you are thinking of starting a business, are new in business or just need to re-connect to basic principles then Planning for Small Business Success is THE book for you.
See also the Will Your Business Idea Work? companion workbook for a power-packed, real-time business tool to steer your success in business.
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Will Your Business Idea Work? workbook
Will your business idea work

'How do you know what you don't know?'

When you're thinking about or are new into business you simply don't know the questions to ask to find out if the idea will work. And usually, there's no-one around to tell you. Your accountant will mostly ask financial and legal questions, but what about marketing and market research?

Will Your Business Idea Work? workbook was written with hindsight wisdom that author, June Hope wished she had access to prior to commencing two previous businesses. It poses the questions you will need answers to and instructs and prompts how to find those answers.

The companion text Planning for Small Business Success provides all the information you'll need to better understand why you need to ask these questions and explains basic business principles in an easy-to-understand way.

Every new business person NEEDS this workbook. It forms the basis of, or could form a mini-business plan.

Can you afford NOT to find out if your business idea will work BEFORE you invest your hard-earned money?

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Will Your Business Idea Work? - Health and Healing?
Will your business idea work : Health and Healing

Following on from the Will Your Business Idea Work? workbook is a specialised version for the Health and Healing professions.

Posing the same questions but with some specific additions, its examples are drawn from the health professions.

This best selling workbook has been used as a core text in Australia 's major colleges of natural medicine for more than 10 years.
If you are an independant health practitioner in any modality, you cannot afford to be without this extremely valuable business document.

Will Your Business Idea Work? - Making-it-easy- Book and disk pack

At Mindworks, we like to make things easy. We've created a companion word disk to the Will Your Business Idea Work? workbook which means you can type your answers instead of writing them in the workbook.

You still need the book to guide you, but the information you gather will build so you can produce a 'report' of your business idea. You can use this to work with your accountant or bank.

The disk gives you the opportunity to 'use' the workbook many times over.

There's also a consultants pack for accountants/other business advisors. Contact us to find out more.

Your Complete Small Business Success Pack
Complete Small Business Success Pack

You've got the books, done the training, now what? Having someone to bounce your ideas around and make sure you've covered all the bases is essential to 'round out' your thinking.

At Mindworks, we want your business to be successful. So we offer more than just product. Your Complete Small Business Success Pack includes:

  • the essential 'Planning for Small Business Success' text
  • AND the immensely valuable 'Will Your Business Idea Work?' workbook
  • AND the practical 'make-it-easy 'Will Your Business Idea Work?' Word disk
  • AND a business plan pro-forma complete with financial pro-formas
  • AND instructions as to how to complete the business plan
  • PLUS SUPPORT - email access to help you along the way
  • PLUS A 60 minute telephone business consultation with the book's author June Hope.

Your Complete Business Success Pack will propel you towards business success by finding out if your business idea will work and helping you create a comprehensive plan to get there.
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Mindworks Mentoring Service
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  • Do you ever feel stuck in business, career or life?
  • Need a sounding board, someone to talk through your business ideas/issues or career options?
  • Do you need help to clarify your thinking, set goals and keep you on track?

Mindworks objective business and personal mentoring services will help you clarify and achieve your goals - in business and in life.

Mindworks has provided mentoring services for 17 years in the areas business and life planning and has hundreds of satisfied clients from all walks of life.

At Mindworks, we don't lock you into a series of coaching sessions unless you want it. We tailor a 'partnering' solution just for you. These can be a one-off meeting or a series of regular connections. We work with you, for you.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have